Web design and development

A typical web project for EdOutWest is to begin building or revamping your existing online marketing presence, usually starting with your web site. We meet with you to discuss your requirements, and to offer lots of advice about what is possible, what you can realistically expect to gain from your web efforts, and what the costs will be for specific items.

Next, we put together a plan of action, which outlines requirements, strategies, features, user roles, etc., and which lists the actual costs for developing and designing the site, plus any additional projects like SEO, online advertising, and online marketing. User roles are determined so that we can leverage the power of web technology to serve not only web users, but also your other business processes more efficiently. Once you sign off on the plan and costs, we can begin work.

We then collect all the items needed to proceed with the content of the web site. Logos, photos, copy, etc. are created or gathered, and edited for our needs. Next, we build the backend structure of the web site itself in a wireframe, plain-vanilla fashion, so that we can concentrate on navigation, user experience, on-page SEO optimization, etc. At this point we demonstrate the functionality of your new web site, sans design, and you have a chance to interact with it and make additions and alterations that you feel are needed.

Once these content and interactive aspects are complete, we turn to the look and feel of the site, and custom-design a visual solution. Many years of designing and developing web sites has proved to us that developing the dynamic, backend mechanics of the site first, then designing the resulting content and user experience last is the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve a successful solution that will help your business take advantage of all the web has to offer.

Print and identity design and production

Nowadays we specialize in web development and online marketing, but we can also help you with your print projects: logos, brochures, advertising, signage, direct short, every aspect of traditional advertising and marketing. We've been doing print projects for over 30 years.

We first meet with you to discuss your needs and marketing goals, and make recommendations about what will work based on our experience. If appropriate, we do research on your market, your competition, and available media. Where necessary we prepare target demographics, a media analysis, and a plan of action, breaking down the costs and resulting reach of the proposed marketing efforts. Once you agree, we present designs and handle all production and vendor management to complete your project.

Contact us today to discuss your next web or print project.

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